Pastor's Role

What does it mean to be the pastor, the shepherd, the one charged with feeding and protecting and being an example to the flock? (1 Peter 5:2-3).


  • 'Help, I'm Gay'
    'Help, I'm Gay'
    A pastoral conversation about same-sex attraction
  • 3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
    3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
    Effective co-pastoring requires more than just dividing up tasks.
  • Honoring Haddon Robinson
    Honoring Haddon Robinson
    Reflections from pastors on lessons they have learned from Haddon Robinson.


Training Tools

  • Spiritual Care
    Spiritual Care
    What it means to truly develop Christ-following disciples.
  • Building a Culture of Discipleship
    Building a Culture of Discipleship
    Some people think that "discipleship" is a track for elite Christians. It's not. Discipleship is the calling of every believer, and it is accessible to every person who comes to your church. Help make your congregation a place that nurtures discipleship by using the assessments, studies, and how-to articles in this download.
  • Fostering Transformation
    Fostering Transformation
    What does it actually look like to foster spiritual transformation among those you lead?
  • Leading the Elder Board
    Leading the Elder Board
    Build, lead, and grow a team of elders that sets the culture for the rest of the church.
  • Being a Shepherd Leader
    Being a Shepherd Leader
    Rediscover the essential role a leader must play for the flock to grow.
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