It’s about megachurches.

It’s about megachurch pastors.

It’s about sexual, financial, and power corruptions.

It’s about church cultures in all size churches.

It’s about power mongering leadership.

It’s about wounded women in churches.

It’s about the wounded resisters in churches.

It’s about the power of a culture in a church to make us in its image.

It’s about resisting toxic cultures.

It’s all about forming goodness (tov) cultures.

Seven marks of a toxic church culture.

Seven marks of a tov church culture.

It’s about getting inside the “circle of tov.”

It’s for wounded people in churches.

It’s for everyone in churches.

It’s for leaders in churches.

It’s for leadership teams in churches.

It’s for pastors.

Laura Barringer and I call it A Church called Tov and can be ordered through the link.