In an accessible book Nijay Gupta has now provided introductions to major topics in New Testament studies: A Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Studies: Understanding Key Debates.

Starting NT study (or any discipline’s study) immediately confronts the students with names and issues and debates and polemics and terms and movements and reactions… well, it’s overwhelming for most.

Some relish the story but many wonder “What’s of value here?” and then say, “Tell me what’s important.”

Some wonder if they’ve gotten into too much.

Some wander around for years wondering if there’s a book that explains these debates.

There now is. It’s up to date, it’s accessible, and it’s got the right issues.

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Nijay does this with no less than 13 issues:

Synoptic Problem
Historical Jesus
Fourth Gospel and its historical value
Jesus and Paul, and the tension
Paul’s theological perspective
Paul and the Jewish law
Pseudonymity – NT letters
NT and Roman empire
Women in leadership
Justification by faith, judgment by works
Old Testament in the New Testament
Application and use of Scripture