Education and teaching have so many forms today – from old fashioned classrooms to online education with synchronous technology. One of my favorites is the podcast, even if it often involves staring into space or into a computer screen in a sound-proof room!

Our Podcast called Kingdom Roots is about to reach 1 Million listens.

The podcast conversations have been a source of learning and encouragement over our tenure of producing them. Weekly I hear from listeners who ask questions or express encouragement. I’m so grateful.

Chaz Robbins has been the heart of making Kingdom Roots podcast happen, and I want to thank him for it.

I also want to thank Northern for its support of our podcast.

Our listeners have been faithful over the 160 plus episodes …

so we want to start our celebration of reaching 1 Million listens by giving away 10 copies of A Church Called Tov.

TO ENTER, All you have to do are these 2 simple steps:

1. Share your favorite Kingdom Roots episode, quote, or guest using the hashtag #churchcalledtov

2. Listen to the episode coming out on Oct. 1 to see if you won!

Act quickly, please.

Listen to the podcast and learn more about the book:

OR anywhere you get podcasts.

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