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  • Sep 24

    Out of the Overflow

    Out of the Overflow, Mike Glenn

    If you work on the staff of Brentwood Baptist Church, you are subjected to several requirements and expectations. They are all written down and given to you during your on-boarding process. Most are ...

  • Sep 17

    No One Likes the Product

    No One Likes the Product

    There is a story that is often told at business conferences about a dog food company that needed to improve sales. The CEO of the company called a meeting, and the problem of declining sales was analyzed by various consultants and ...

  • Victim-centric and Pastoral Authority

    Reposted from my Substack newsletter

    I have been asked by a number of church leaders if the approach we are advocating for an approach to allegations, which we call survivor-sensitive or survivor-centric or trauma-sensitive etc, diminishes ...

  • Sep 10

    Asking the Wrong Questions

    A recent jobs report revealed an interesting discrepancy in the labor market of the United States. According to the report, there are 10 million job openings and 8.4 million people without a job. Did we read that right? We have 1.6 ...

  • Aug 30

    A Violation of Trust

    A Violation of Trust

    Pastors have been using other preacher's material for years. When I was growing up, preachers would regularly quote Billy Graham, Vance Pittman, and Charles Spurgeon. They would also throw in a quote from their favorite childhood ...

  • Point of No Return in Discipleship

    The Point of No Return


    If you've been in church for as long as I have, hearing or seeing the word "discipleship" can almost send you into a coma. The picture that comes to mind is nearly universal: a group ...

  • Aug 13

    The Spiral of Grace

    The Spiral of Grace

    The Spiral of Grace

    Most of us want to deal with life the same way we climb a set of stairs. We want to face our problem, get through it, step up and move on. Then, we want to face our next problem, deal with it, step up and move on. ...

  • Aug 11

    Wise Evangelism

    Wise Evangelism

    By Jeff Banman

    What is the most evangelistic thing a Christian could do? Suppose a certain Christian desired all people to know Jesus and they gave themselves wholeheartedly to that task, what might it look like? As evangelicals we ...

  • Aug 6

    One Size Doesn't Fit All

    I knew things were changing several years ago when our church began the second phase of our construction and were ready to build a gym. Everything was going according to plan until the student ministers asked us not to build a gym. ...

  • Aug 5

    Wise Teaching

    David Johnston

    We continue series with Northern Seminary DMin grads who summarize their chapter from Wise Church.

    This post is by Dave Johnston

    At 27, Lisa Piccirillo, started her tenure-track position as assistant professor of Mathematics at MIT. ...