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The Tech Poverty Fighter

The Tech Poverty Fighter

How Andrew Sears at TechMission harnesses the Web to fuel urban ministry.

"If you ask the average person on the street right now what's changing the world more than anything else, the response will probably be technology," said Andrew Sears. "But Christians often resist technology. We are fighting battles ...

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Rick Dalbey

May 16, 2013  3:58pm

This is NOT Christian ministry. This is social justice activism, preaching a different gospel. TechMission Corps has placed more than 500 full-time interns in Boston, Los Angeles, and Denver in AmeriCorps–type programs primarily focused on educational tutoring for inner-city youth. Can you imagine if they had placed 500 idealistic kids in preaching the gospel or fulfilling the great commission in Boston or Los Angeles? Sears says, "We list our values as Jesus and justice to emphasize both meeting the needs of the whole person and our affiliation with the social justice tradition of the church” Jesus is not a social value. He is the living Savior of the world who rescues from hell, the future of all who refuse to accept Jesus. When Judas realized Jesus was not about income redistribution and relieving global poverty (the perfume worth a years salary was not sold and given to the poor but wasted) He betrayed Jesus and went back to his zealot roots.

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Paul Schryba

May 08, 2013  1:58pm

I agree with the overall premise of this article; to use technology to address the issue of poverty. I think we must realize that the 'issue' of 'poverty' is not at heart one of 'economics', but goes to the heart of our awareness and understanding of who we are as human beings. We cannot separate out 'economics' and the material from the environmental (creation), spiritual, social and psychological. It is the very fact that we view 'work' not as sharing of gifts and talents to support ourselves and the community, but as a way to 'make money' to 'survive' that gets to the root of the issue. "You cannot serve God and money." Every human being needs to recognize fact that we are all interconnected, and love and sharing is the only answer. Each of us is both part of the 'problem' and part of the 'solution'. We must begin to turn away from the materialism of the society and live radically different lives, if we are really to address 'poverty'. Creation cannot sustain endless human greed.

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