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How to Approach Politics After November 6

How to Approach Politics After November 6

Meet 7 Christians who engage politically beyond checking a ballot box.

In less than one week, the rigorous debates, polls, and nasty ad campaigns that have marked this U.S. election season will abate as American voters choose the next President. While about 70 percent of white (non-Hispanic) evangelical Protestant voters ...

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November 05, 2012  6:44pm

The two candidates amazingly agree on the following: NDAA, Patriot Act, American military presence in the Middle East, Aggressive American interference in foreign affairs, Keeping the Fed, Maintaining the bloated & wasteful military budget, Oil drilling on Federal lands, (Not) reducing US dependence on oil, Keystone XL pipeline, No Single Payer universal health insurance coverage, Drone strikes, Prosecuting Wall St Bankers (there hasn't been any), Corporate personhood, LE harassment of medical marijuana users, Not raising the minimum wage, Wiretapping, Gtmo bay

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