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Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke

Nathan is a documentary filmmaker living in Madison, WI with his family. He is also the video director at Christianity Today and the Director of This Is Our City. Nathan recently completed work on a feature documentary, Wrestling For Jesus.

A Local Pastor Turned Public School Champion
Don Coleman, Richmond's newly elected school board chairman, wants more churches to adopt local, struggling schools.
Yes, I'm the Mechanic
Auto-repair shop owner George Zaloom says there's no reason why every Christian shouldn't find joy at work.
Business as God Meant It to Be
Why Katie Nienow left youth ministry out of a love for economic justice.
Forging the Future with the Tip of a Pen
Denver, Colorado
How Jake Weidmann, one of 11 master penmen in the world, uses ink to link the past and future.
Gardening to Make Beauty Out of Blight
Detroit, MI
Riet Schumack is growing more than flowers among her Brightmoor neighbors.
The Art of Restoration Amidst Detroit's Ruined Walls
Detroit, MI
How the vision of a restored city informs Detroit artist Yvette Rock's haunting work.
Why the Rest of Your Week Matters to God
Richmond, VA
Business Declares the Glory of God
Phoenix, AZ
How real-estate developer Walter Crutchfield's gift at making money became a vocation.
A Christian Immigrant without Papers: Ricardo's Story
Phoenix, AZ
How the Mexico native's shattered dreams to play football fueled a new vocational calling.
You Are Where You Live
Phoenix, AZ
Where a person calls home may be their most defining quality, says artist Craig Goodworth.
Walking toward Wellness: How Healthy Eating Informs Our Kingdom Work
Richmond, Virginia
Two Christians who promote natural foods as part of their vocational callings.
Common-Good Decisions: When Christians Bless the Cities of God
7th City
What happens when Christians sacrificially and creatively love their neighbors and neighborhoods.
Bolder As I Got Balder: How God Used Breast Cancer to Give Me Courage
Richmond, Virginia
A cancer diagnosis inspired Kim Newlen to create something beautiful for other women.
Furniture Fit for the Kingdom
Richmond, Virginia
For Harrison Higgins, building beautiful furniture is not simply a steady job but a sacrament unto God.
Marking the Place of Sin and Grace: The Meaning of Our City Monuments
Richmond, VA
Communities tell their stories through public landmarks. What does your city's landmarks say about you?
With Liberty or Justice for All: Inside the Occupy and Tea Party Movements
Portland, OR; Richmond, VA
How can people who share the same faith embrace such different politics?
How to Abandon 'Homeless People'
With his bike-friendly nonprofit, C. J. Speelman offers a better way to address our friends who live outside.
Shoshon and Stephanie Tama-Sweet on how a healthy marriage sustains their activism.
'All I Was Good for Was Sex'
Behind the mind-numbing statistics are stories of actual people living the horrors of being trafficked.
Sex Trafficking: Beyond Storming Brothels
For Shoshon Tama-Sweet, working for the flourishing of his city comes at a great cost.
Creating Young Artists
For Laura Streib, cuts to arts programs meant getting involved in Portland public schools.
A City of Activists: An Interview with Rick McKinley
The Imago Dei Community pastor on how his city's culture of activism affects the local church.
Coffee. And It Was Very Good
When humans and creation interact, it's a good thing.
As a lobbyist in Oregon, Stephanie Tama-Sweet believes that politics can't be black and white.


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