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Leaders Take Responsibility

Although Janet has not yet achieved all that that she would like to with the youth, she's feeling differently about herself, her relationship with God and with the pastor, as well as her role in the church. During one of her last coaching calls, she and her coach began to strategize next steps for ways that she can improve her relationships with the parents and impact on the girls. She also started talking about her long-term dreams and calling. Her perspective and outlook are hopeful.

Realizing how you might be holding yourself back allows you to take responsibility and determine new and effective actions. If you think you could benefit from learning more about responsibility and how it is impacting your life, consider getting a coach, finding an "older woman" at work, or at church.

In the meantime, ask yourself these questions for a deeper dive into responsibility:

1. What would it look like to take full responsibility for your current situation?

2. If you were to be the person who God created you to be, what would you have to change? What might get in your way? Who can help you?

3. How are you holding yourself back?

April09, 2007 at 8:37 PM

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