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A More Soulful Religion

As I search for a more soulful ways of living - with my family, neighbors, colleagues, and the strangers I meet every day - all I know is I keep getting drawn back to Jesus and the way he lived: patiently in the present, close to life, at home with unanswered questions and mystery.

I also keep getting drawn back to the reality that my search for a more soulful Christ-following must begin with me. I may teach pastors, consult with churches, and write about what congregations need to be doing now that the world has turned on its end. But am I really leading a dusty, spittle-mixed-with-dirt life?

It is time that my own faith becomes more imagination than mental reduction; more human, humane, and therefore, gracious; more poetry than principle.

December07, 2007 at 11:49 AM

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