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New Conversions or Changed Lives?

Why not take a walk in the woods or get alone in a quiet place, to revisit your conversion experience and remember your spiritual roots? Take time to be grateful for your Penns, the Bunyons, the Miltons, Lewises, Stotts, Taylors, and their modern counterparts. Why not write a letter to those who held your feet to the fire years ago and thank them?

And for those of us who have the incredible privilege of preparing Bible studies and writing articles: leading a Sunday school class or youth group: organizing women's work or being a Christian mom or mentor, elder, pastor, missionary or friend, may we revisit our understanding of an un-compromising message: to take up our cross and follow him.

Out of such yearning can come a fresh vision and renewed commitment to Jesus and his cause that will result in those around catching fire. Then the rebellious kid, the unresponsive spouse, the bitter parent, the hurt sister or brother, the offended church member, the ones who you live your lives among and minister to will see in you, as Penn saw in Loe, something they want enough to allow that mighty reach of the Spirit inside their own hearts. In other words, once we are exceedingly reached ourselves, we will see God reach others at a life changing depth too.

December28, 2007 at 1:20 PM

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