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Working Like Unbelievers

In a recent interview with Rebecca Guillory Gilmer, vice president of The Impact Movement and Gifted For Leadership editorial advisor, the editors asked her what she considered the biggest pitfall to leaders in launching a new ministry. Here's what she had to say.

Whenever we launch something - in ministry particular - we tend to say we can do it because "God is leading. God is in it. This is something God is doing." At least, that's what we say. And then we go and fall in what I call "the pit" and completely ignore the contradiction between what we say and what we do.

Because you see, while we may say this - that it's up to God - we work like it's all on us, and that if we don't do it, it won't get done! And we work like unbelievers, although we talk like believers.

We all do this. I see it within myself. I see it in every relationship near me and as I read other things. No matter what we say, there's this unbelief about whether or not really God is doing what we say he is.

This shows up in all kinds of ways: It shows up as fear. It shows up as pride. And we need to be aware when this happens.

For me, this awareness comes from having authentic relationships with people who know me, who listen to me, and who listen for my inconsistency. These are people who say, "Rebecca, if you really believe, then?" They make "if-then" statements to me using my own words, because I'm so easily deceived. Because of where I am with the Lord, it's not the big things that deceive me as they once did. I'm not looking to steal something or to buy cigarettes on the corner like I did when I was a girl. But I can, in my very actions, lay bare that I don't believe the very thing I believed just an hour ago.

It's when we realize our fear and our disbelief that we need to be willing to get right back before the Lord and say, "Oh Lord, here I am again; I don't believe; I'm afraid." Whatever it is, we need to confess it to him. Because if I believe he's placed a passion and I believe a work is his, he will accomplish it.

November30, 2007 at 8:40 AM

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