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Answering a "Real Simple" Question

One of my favorite luxuries is my magazines. I love to lounge, engulfed in my over-sized chair, sip a cup of tea, and page through my latest delivery. This time it was Real Simple. As I combed through the pages looking for the best way to simplify my life, I landed in the section called "Real Life." This section is dedicated to a Real Simple reader who shares part of her story.

When I came to the final paragraph, she was discussing the decision with which she was currently wrestling. Here was her dilemma: "My husband and I would like our daughter to have a strong sense of spirituality, but we prefer not to raise them with the traditional church background that we both had. How do we teach them to have a strong faith in God without a special congregation or place of worship that would guide them with formal religious customs?"

There it was, in black and white. Starring me in the face and penetrating straight to my heart. The question that many church staff knows is out there. The question that my husband (he's the Director of Family Ministry at our local church) and I spend hours debating. The question that the greater church should be contemplating.

I tore out the magazine page. It has been sitting by my bedside for over a month. I have been praying for the woman and her family. I have been searching for the "right" answer. How do we as women, we as the church, reach across the page and respond to this need? How would you respond?

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