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Passionate Reconciliation

Because many of us really don't think it's something that we're supposed to do. It feels like it's something that we'll get to after we take care of youth ministry or worship and evangelism and missions. And then if we had a special interest category maybe we'll deal with reconciliation. Like an elective.

That's a good point. And reconciliation is basically the essence of Christianity. You know? Christ came so we could be reconciled.

Exactly. And so the way we've made it palatable to us is that we only talk about one type of reconciliation being reconciled to God. And so we preach about that - and we're real clear about that, but we don't really understand that that's only one axis of the truth. That we've been reconciled to God is the "vertical axis" of that truth. But in the same act of crucifixion and resurrection, we were also reconciled to each other. And it's that horizontal access that causes us to become people of the cross.

October02, 2007 at 12:43 PM

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