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The Trouble with Harmony

The fact is that this world is not supposed to be easy; God actually told us directly after our Eden failure that living on earth would be tough. Though he loves us deeply, cares infinitely about our every concern and tear, and wants to carry our burdens for us, he won't remove the impact of the curse from our life experience or immunize us from this sin-stained world. To the contrary, he allows us to be exposed to all manner of difficulties and frustrations in this life to develop his character in us - he told us this directly as well (Heb 12:7-8). So I might as well get used to it.

While it's not wrong to wish for things to go well or pray for harmonious circumstances, I'm realizing that time and effort could be a lot better spent. It could be spent welcoming the challenges, developing an ever-greater capacity to laugh at myself, and relinquishing the reigns of my life from my clenched palms back to God. (And the time I spend complaining about things that go wrong definitely has to go.)

Big picture perspective helps in this, I find - after the 10 plagues had passed, the Israelites got to leave Egypt for the Promised Land. Likewise we will one day have passed through the time of our earthly "plagues" and be in heaven. And just as Moses kept his eyes fixed on the Promised Land and refused to let the plagues of Egypt deter him, so we as leaders must do the same. For if we allow ourselves to lose perspective and become consumed by desire for harmony and annoyance about inharmonious circumstances, we will be unable to help those we lead to become more Christ-like.

October23, 2007 at 1:32 PM

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