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Becoming Enough

But, this holy task of saying yes to how God designed us is even more difficult if you happen to be female. The Psalmist may say that we have been put together in an amazing and wonderful way, but women are used to seeing themselves as never enough: not intelligent enough, strong enough, disciplined enough, tough enough, assertive enough, decisive enough, strategic enough?well, you fill in the blank.

How do you see yourself when you are in the presence of the ?ber-dominant? How do you see yourself as a woman as compared to the men in your life? If we say to ourselves that we are not enough, then what does this Psalm mean? When we're tempted to disappear, hide, or to denigrate our gifts, can we make another choice? Can we see ourselves and others as amazing and wonderful, and do so without guilt?

September22, 2007 at 9:52 AM

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