January 2008

Food for Thought - Jan 7 2008

I liken emotional healing to a tunnel that links a barren land with a pristine forest. We'll never drink from the forest's mountain spring if we don't go through the tunnel. But most of us feel too afraid to step inside for fear of the dark; and the barren land - bleak as it is - has a staid familiarity about it. The truth? It's dark in the tunnel. The hurt ...

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RetroWomen: The Rise of Gender Fundamentalism

Earlier this year, I provided a link to a video of a fundamentalist teacher in the UK. His comments about women and what he saw as their God-created role (little more than animals, created to serve and please men) were understandably shocking to many readers. Quite a few of those who responded wondered why I had bothered to draw attention to the perspectives of an isolated ...

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Create a Culture of Mentorship

"Mentoring," says the late Fred Smith Sr. in his book Leading with Integrity, "is back in favor again, like a wonderful old story that hasn't been told for so long it sounds new."

Then he succinctly explains the danger of that dynamic.

"In some ways it has taken on the characteristics of a fad; if too much is expected too soon, it will fail." ...

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