March 2008

Deferring to God

It's four o'clock and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has just begun visiting hours as Alice Rouse, a 31-year-old outreach worker for Starlight Ministries of the Emmanuel Gospel Center is buzzed through the doors of the ICU. Today her friend Adam began his 17th birthday by shooting China White, the purest form of heroin, and then stringing himself up in ...

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Food for Thought - Mar 3 2008

[Deborah] also sang the praises of those who served her well - "My heart is with Israel's princes, with the willing volunteers among the people" (Judges 5:9) - and she commended Jael at length, calling her "most blessed of tent-dwelling women" (Judges 5:24). A final leadership lesson from Deborah: Acknowledge the efforts of others, rather than pat ...

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