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Gifted To Lead

Tonight I'm at a hotel in Toronto, sandwiched between two "Gifted to Lead" events. Yesterday, Nancy Ortberg and I co-led the event in Livermore, California, with about 340 women. We were graciously hosted by the Cornerstone Fellowship Church. Every time we open up this subject matter - focused on the challenges and potential for women to lead in the church - we realize how needful it is for women to be able to talk about their stories and learn from one another. I was marked once again by the incredible gifts of the women I had a chance to talk with personally - their passion for the church and their desire to make an impact for the kingdom. I was inspired to keep on persevering for the cause of Christ.

It fascinates me how many of the questions and comments are similar in each event we facilitate. Obviously there are some common themes for women in ministry! I truly hope women left feeling understood and not so alone in their journeys.

Tomorrow I will lead the workshop alone here in Toronto, with another group of 350 this time. It's a lot more fun with my partner Nancy O., but I will do my best to serve these women. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity.

April24, 2009 at 9:09 AM

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