Food For Thought - Feb 16 2009

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When the soul is strong and we operate from a quiet center, God doesn't need a megaphone to get our attention. We can hear his whispers.

Proverbs 3:32 says that God is "intimate with the upright"; he takes them "into his confidence." The question is not whether God is speaking to us. I believe he is sending us messages all the time - through creation, through his Word, through people and events. Quoting Buechner again:

There is one thing I hope I never get over, as long as I live: the truth that the awesome Creator of the universe is choosing to speak to me - not just once in a blue moon, but most of the time! Sometimes he wants to encourage me and comfort me. Sometimes he needs to convict me about a sin I've committed and to guide me to confess. Sometimes he wants to give me an idea. Sometimes he just wants me to remember I am treasured.

I shudder to think how many messages I have missed. How mindful is your heart these days of the presence of God? Are you quick to listen? Are you attentive to his promptings? How is your hearing?

High, medium, or low?

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