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The Day I Met My Dream

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Of course, for some leaders, this happens. Those whose goal comes with a swearing in or a coronation, perhaps. Or even a graduation or a publicly noted promotion. But for most us, our big deals and our big days, our dreams met and our visions realized simply come. With no fanfare. No huge hoopla. Maybe a cake. Maybe a nice dinner we didn't have to make. Maybe just the realization of something done well.

For me, though, this day has come with something else: a whole lot of gratitude to a God who gives us those dreams, those visions, those passions, and these gifts to lead toward them. Maybe it's because this warm sunny day has been so over-the-top, just-like-God glorious, but today - The Day I Met My Dream - has been filled with whole lot of praise for the God who's with been with me in this life that lead toward the dream. In the good parts and the messes. In the routine and in the hoopla. (Actually, sort of realizing he IS the Hoopla!)

So, anyway: I have to head off to enjoy my Book Birthday Dinner (and what's left of the cake) and try to soak in a few more minutes of this wonderful sunshine before I check my Amazon ranking again. But I'd love to hear you share how you celebrate or mark or record (or whatever it is you do) these "big days" in your life and your leadership. What do you do - or what's the proper response or reaction - when you realize your dream? What do you wish it were like?

March17, 2009 at 5:38 PM

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