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Mindy Caliguire

Get to know Mindy Caliguire, one of our Gifted for Leadership editorial advisors.

Mindy Caliguire first encountered the power of a community of faith in her sophomore year at Cornell University when she attended a Bible Study in a frat house. She developed a new appreciation for the Christian faith, and wound up marrying the leader of that Bible study, Jeff Caliguire.

After graduating from Cornell University, the Caliguires moved to Texas where Jeff attended Dallas Theological Seminary and Mindy worked in sales and marketing. The Caliguires' ministry together began after Jeff's seminary studies when they took internships at Willow Creek Community Church. in 1991, the Calguires left Willow and attended a church in Boston.

After such a busy season of life that included painful setbacks, Mindy discovered her ministry had become lifeless. The emptiness laid deep in her soul as she was in bed for two months suffering from severe vertigo. During this forced period of rest, Mindy began to recognize the dysfunction she had accepted as her reality.

As Mindy sought a path through her desperation, she recalled the words of John 15. In verse 5, Jesus directly admonished his disciples: "apart from me, you can do nothing." God seemed to be asking Mindy, "What part of nothing do you not understand?" As she began to experience her relationship with God in a new way, close friends and Christian authors led Mindy towards soul restoration. Journaling, reading "soul books," connecting in authentic relationships, taking

time away—all life-giving practices—became an integral part of Mindy's life as she found renewal and refreshment for her own soul.

In 1998, combining her new found passion for soul restoration with her background in sales and marketing, Mindy began Soul Care, a spiritual formation ministry. As Mindy developed the Soul Care ministry, the Caliguires returned to Chicago for a staff position at Willow Creek Church in the areas of spiritual formation, prayer, and membership. in 2004, drawn by the growing needs of her three young boys, Mindy stepped away from her staff position and returned home to nurture the spiritual growth of her family and to focus on the mission of Soul Care. In 2009, Mindy returned to the Willow family as the Director of Transformation Ministry for the Willow Creek Association (WCA).

Today, Mindy continues the ministry of Soul Care by consulting with national organizations such as Renovare, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Salvation Army, and her own home congregation Willow Creek Community Church.

Regardless of venue, Mindy enjoys mentoring Christian leaders—giving special focus to reestablishing their spiritual vitality as the primary step toward a lifestyle of sustainable ministry and leadership. She's especially energized to be serving in her role at the WCA. Mindy, Jeff, their three adventurous teenage boys, and two well-meaning dogs reside in Algonquin, IL.

May23, 2009 at 8:46 AM

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