May 2010

The Gift of Curiosity

"How does a caterpillar make a cocoon?"

My three young children are incessantly curious, asking questions of nature, of people, and of God. As their mother and primary answer-giver, I find their curiosity alternately fascinating and frustrating.

"Why does Emma have two daddies and two mommies?"

I used to relish curiosity. But lately busyness and ...

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Our Restless Lives

I was recently flipping through a copy of Good Housekeeping and scanned the editor's opening letter. She described being at an "improbable place: a women's retreat" for part of a Saturday. "Ironically," she wrote, "the topic was time—how to think about it, handle it, make peace with never having enough of it. And I discovered that ...

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The Conservation Conversation

I love the old hymn "All Creatures of Our God and King." Whether spiced up by David Crowder or belted out in the King's English, my soul is forever thankful to St. Francis of Assisi. When his 12th century refrain pops onto the screen in our sanctuary a burgeoning desire for God have me fearlessly belting out the lyrics.

Thou rushing wind that art so strong ...

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Honoring Moms in a Whole New Way

Last month, I guest-lectured in a Women's Studies class at Bethel University. My topic was How Motherhood Shapes a Woman's Soul, but I ended up talking more about how motherhood sort of mirrors God, how being a mom (or hearing from moms) helps us understand God, his relentless love, his willingness to forgive and his patience with the whiney little complainers that ...

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