August 2011

Facebook Pages vs. Groups

Two ways to keep your church connected

So you want to get your church into the Facebook social media world? But, alas, some well-meaning individual in the church has already created a Facebook page on behalf of the church.

Sigh. This can be really frustrating, when multiple Facebook Pages and Groups exist for one church. Plus, they may or may not accurately represent what the organization is about.

You can attempt ...

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The “Gender Ghetto” in the Church

In a world of hurt, is fighting for a place at the table worth our time?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, Cathleen Falsani asks readers to list three of the top evangelical women leaders under sixty. Falsani contends it's hard to do and the title of her post suggests the reason why: "Jesus is Still Surrounded By Too Many Men." To lend readers a hand with the question, Falsani suggests that author and speaker, Margaret ...

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Leading Absent

How your team does without you says a lot about you

"The test of your leadership is not what happens when you're there, but what happens when you're NOT there." Ken Blanchard

Just reading that quote makes me a bit anxious. How about you? Have you ever found yourself creating exhaustive notes for your team or maybe even your family in preparation to be away for a few days? Have you ever feared what's ...

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John Stott Remembered

How did this great evangelical leader affect your life?

Gifted for Leadership's parent site has run several stories following the death of John Stott, long-time theologian and evangelical leader.

According to their recent article, "Global Reactions to John Stott's Death," "His death has elicited a broad range of tributes from Christian leaders throughout North America. But acknowledging ...

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5 Things I’ve Learned in Ministry

Rookie year reflections

Next month marks my one year anniversary of working in paid ministry. It's been a year full of joy, surprises, and challenges of all kinds. Here are five things I've learned in my rookie year:

1. If it was easy, it wouldn't be leadership.

I wasn't expecting every decision that I made to be so difficult. Despite my years as a volunteer in ministry, I was shocked by the number ...

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