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Bringing Justice to Bangladesh

How one young leader discovered a piece of God’s heart
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"Nothing happens without a season of prayer," says Sarah. Her family and church are partners she depends on to help her make the hard decisions, and every decision is steeped in a time of community prayer.

Another catalyst that moved Sarah from awareness to action is relationships. Although she doesn't explicitly name this factor, it was her relationship with God through prayer that prompted her to go to Calcutta. Her relationships with the girls in the government home sparked her passion and pragmatism for helping them in their impossible circumstances. Her relationships with her family and church support the work of Hand & Cloth. Her relationships with Christians committed to this mission provides the volunteer skills to maintain and grow a website and network to sell the kantha quilts. And it's the relationships Sarah and her team have forged through prayer with and for the women making the quilts, as well as for those buying them that sustains the ministry. She prays that women in the U.S. and Bangladesh will see Christ as their true hope, the One who truly heals women.

Sarah Aulie didn't set out to launch a new ministry when she went to Calcutta a few years ago. She went in search of God. What she found was a God whose heart beats for the vulnerable and poor women of India and Bangladesh. And he is showing Sarah how to lead the way for justice in that region through simple, yet profound, means, like prayer and relationships.

What about you and the leaders in your church? Where is God giving you—and them—a piece of his heart? What has moved you from awareness to action?

Beatrice Rusu is senior marketing coordinator for Kyria.com and Gifted for Leadership. She is a frequent contributor to the Kyria blog.

Marian V. Liautaud is an editor for Christianity Today's church management resources and GiftedforLeadership.com

December15, 2011 at 2:12 PM

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