September 2011

God Will Make a Way

What are we waiting for?

There's an idea floating around Christian women's circles. I'm hearing it more frequently. I've heard it from missionary colleagues and women at church. I've read it in books and seen it posted in comments on blogs. It goes something like this: If God has gifted and called a woman to lead, teach, pastor, or preach then he will make a way for her to fulfill ...

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Hitting the Wall

What to do when you see it closing in

Every once in a while...especially in busy seasons of life or ministry, I hit the wall.

I know I've hit the wall when:

• I've reached my compliant quota. When one more complaint, question, or criticism will put me over the edge.• Questions become personal attacks. A simple question for clarity feels like a personal attack on my judgment or character.• The idea of being with ...
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Amped Up from the Blackout

The hurricane may have knocked us off the grid, but we were far from powerless.

Hurricane Irene blustered her way up the East Coast, downing trees, toppling cars, and leaving seven million people (including our family) in the dark. We were without power for four days. I missed it desperately–my laptop, smartphone, televisions, refrigerator, hair straightener, and garbage disposal. (Yes, I missed my garbage disposal.) But now that I'm back on the grid, ...

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Do You See What I See?

What to do when people don’t share your vision
Do You See What I See?

My favorite Christmas song growing up was "Do You Hear What I Hear?" With each verse, the anticipation grows: Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? Do you know what I know? Listen to what I say! The person singing longs for someone with whom to share the joy of Christ's birth.

As leaders, we find tremendous joy in sharing ministry with others. Ministry ...

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In Search of a Safe Harbor

After September 11, would we ever be free from terror?

Ten years ago my husband and I embarked on a year-long adventure at sea with our four sons. One leg of our journey took us to Albany, New York, where we docked our boat at a marina on the Hudson River. We'd planned to be in New York City by then, but we'd made a spontaneous decision to take a road trip to Boston for the weekend instead.

The morning after we returned to our ...

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