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The Longings of a New Generation of Women

Understanding why it’s time for a change

In recent times, the Web has been alive with banter about our generation of women and why we feel discontent with women's ministry. I believe our discontentment comes from a good place, though at times we can be a mess about it. We are a reckless, passionate generation of women, who long to know Jesus and change the world.

For those of you who aren't sure what all the fuss is about, maybe it would help for you to understand where we're coming from. This is about more than dissatisfaction with the status quo. Here is what we are longing for:


We would rather be a wreck and honest than polished and plastic-feeling. We long to come together as broken sinners who all need Jesus. We don't want to pretend.


We actually want a deep connection with the generation above us. Our generation respects our mothers' generation, even if we are questioning the way they have done things. We still long for you to pour into us. Don't let our passion for different things push you away. We need you.

Reckless Faith.

We want to be challenged to live for something bigger than ourselves. We actually believe the verses that say we must die to ourselves, to this life, and we're willing to do it. We long to be presented with a picture of a God worth dying for and to be pointed toward his mission on this earth; we will flat sell out to him.


We want to change the world. We want orphans to become ours, and tribes and neighbors to know Jesus. We want smaller houses so we can have a bigger impact. Don't be afraid of losing this generation to another country. We see our lives as short, and we see them as already lost.


We actually are starting to get our heads around the gospel—who Jesus was and is, and what he wants for us. That's why we want all of the above. He is wrecking us. It isn't a list of do's and don'ts that we obey; it is a person whom we would do anything for. His grace is captivating us. We're starting to lose our religion and find Jesus, and he is changing everything.

The rules of discipleship never change...give people Jesus. But the categories for how we receive him often shift from generation to generation. Please understand that when we ask for more, we aren't rejecting the call to follow Jesus. We are requesting a call that demands what we're ready to give.

Jennie Allen serves alongside her husband, Zac, at Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. She is a mother of four and the author of Stuck andAnything: The Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul (both Thomas Nelson).

April16, 2012 at 10:38 AM

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