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The Healthy Leader Quiz

Are you leading from a healthy place? Find out now!

Guiding others has the potential to be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. But too frequently, the joy found in leading others becomes suffocated underneath the pile of daily demands and due dates. The pressures leaders experience today often leave them feeling drained and devitalized. Some lead from a position of physical exhaustion. Others serve while emotionally destitute.

Are you leading from a healthy place? Take the following quiz to find out:

1. You are having coffee with your accountability partners when the conversation turns toward a member of your small group. You inwardly agree with the others when they admit disliking her whiny tone and how quickly she becomes emotional.


a) confess your feelings toward her. You love her as a sister in Christ, but sisters can still grate on each other's nerves.

b) don't voice your opinion, but instead suggest there is something in her life story which may cause her to act in this way. After all, you're in her small group and you're privy to details of her life the others aren't.

c) say you don't think she would appreciate being talked about like this. Then you bring up a new topic to discuss.

2. You can't stay awake at your desk and find your eyelids fluttering during conversations. You resolve to get more sleep. Four days into your newfound declaration, you are asked to join the 6:00 a.m. Thursday prayer meeting.


a) decide the benefits of your support of a co-ed prayer meeting outweigh one night a week with a little less sleep.

b) check to see if any other prayer groups meet during the afternoon or evening. Only when you are told no other prayer groups exist, you agree to join the 6:00 a.m. meeting.

c) politely say no. Even though you may receive enough sleep six other nights of the week, you know you don't do your best work with even one night of not enough sleep.

3. You've spilled coffee down your white blouse, your kids fought the entire time they got ready for school, an accident closed down the highway, and you forgot the new ministry proposal on the kitchen table. You open the door to your office only to find the youth group pranked your office…again.

After you stop screaming on the inside, you…

a) speak to your secretary about loaning the high schoolers her copy of the office key. Somebody can get emotionally hurt when pranks escalate out of hand, especially if the person is having a bad day.

b) realize kids will be kids and round up extra hands to help clean up the mess. By the time your office is sparkling, you know you'll be able to laugh.

c) recognize kids will be kids. You round up extra hands to clean up the mess and plot to turn the tables. This time you will prank them!

August16, 2012 at 11:03 AM

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