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Is It God’s Will?

The Leader and Decision-Making
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5. Obedience Yields Peace

After setting our hearts right, being open to God-shaped decisions, and inviting wise counsel, God gives us one sure measure to verify a decision. Isaiah 32:17 assures us that the result of righteousness is peace. Whenever I've sensed God's direction and obeyed (whether I liked what he said or not), I've experienced a deep and satisfying peace that confirms that right choice. When I've obeyed, I've become more aware of God's leading in the next decision. Perhaps when I listen, he speaks more!

Following God's will is simple—even if it isn't easy. When I humble myself to God, draw on his promise to provide wisdom, and obey—even when I don't want to—I experience his presence in every leadership decision I need to make.

Nicole Unice is a writer and speaker who serves in family and student ministry at Hope Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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February23, 2012 at 12:23 PM

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