January 2012

Top 10 in 2011

A list of the most popular GFL content in 2011—and a re-introduction to a new editor

I know it's a little late to be serving up a 2011 retrospective. The new year? That was so three weeks ago.

Well, I would have done this earlier, but we've been making a big transition here at Gifted for Leadership, and quite honestly, it's taken me a few weeks to figure out where everything is. Now that I have found my way to the computer, I'm actually ...

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Fear Not the Old Testament

We must embrace and teach the first two-thirds of the Bible

The Bible I've owned since college is coffee-spill-stained, underlined in a rainbow of colors, re-bound with packing tape. Margin notes sit like altars erected along the journey, commemorating encounters with God.

A curious phenomenon: pages of the last third of this book are worn, dog-eared, dingy, graffiti'd with yellow highlighter and pencil. The first two-thirds, ...

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Lonely Leadership

Community’s not just a good idea—it’s essential!
Lonely Leadership

I walked off the stage, the title to my presentation—Community in Leadership—in bold at the top of my speaking notes. I had just spent 40 minutes convincing women leaders of the power and importance of being intimately involved in community with others.

Ironically, or perhaps hypocritically, I was the loneliest, most isolated person I knew. Mentally, I knew leadership ...

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New Year’s Anti-Resolution: Stop Setting Goals

Why I plan to live with less intention
New Year’s Anti-Resolution: Stop Setting Goals
Image: Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

My New Year's resolution this year is unusual, really more of an anti-resolution. My hope is to become less intentional.

Less intentional, you ask? Why on earth would a person want that? I'll explain.

I'm a strategist by nature. I process things rationally, assessing situations, coming up with recommendations, tinkering mentally with life issues and circumstances. ...

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When the Passion Fades

Is this a sign that God wants us to quit?

I'm in the midst of leading a project I don't feel particularly passionate about. It didn't start out this way. I launched into it with great enthusiasm. I was confident I was following God's will by pursuing the project, but as time has passed and I've grown less enamored with it, I'm wondering whether I misread the signs.

Truth be told, the project ...

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