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Rise Up, Part 1

What young women need from their leaders
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I remember the day my women's ministry leader expressed her interest in mentoring me for ministry. That expression spurred my first footsteps into service to the Lord and made me feel validated and needed. She coupled her mentoring with the perfect amount of wisdom and honesty; looked at my strengths and weaknesses, and guided me to use both to serve God with all my heart. Are there any young women around you, hungry for you to scoop them up and guide them to their full potential as leaders?

The world and the church so desperately need Daniels to rise up and make the name of Jesus renowned in this culture. We can't afford to let this generation slip by without strong leaders. Give them a voice, let them step outside the box, pray them through, and watch how God moves in a mighty way. The investment on your part will multiply greatly in the Kingdom economy.

Sarah Martin loves doing life and ministry with young adult women. Read more from Sarah in her bookStress Point: Thriving through Your Twenties in a Decade of Drama and on her blog.

June06, 2012 at 1:48 PM

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