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Let’s Take Leadership Seriously

God does not require less from women

This first year in leadership caused me to rethink and explore the role of leadership in the women's ministry. How do we recognize a leader? A true leader in the women's ministry is a person of positive influence. We are called into leadership to be the hands and feet of Jesus, not to fulfill our personal agendas. Nor are we tasked with creating simple social outlets for the women in our congregations. We have a far greater responsibility to the women we serve. The living God requires no less from women than from men, and he expects women to be given the same tools to lead to their salvation.

I became so frustrated and disenchanted with what I perceived to be my failure as a leader that I removed myself from that role. However, I could not get beyond the feeling that God had called and I had not responded as he expected.

A few years later, my family relocated to a new church. It had been several years since I had served in women's ministry. Without realizing it, I had lost the passion God gave me to serve. Unfortunately, I looked at my failure in serving as a reflection on myself when in reality, it was more a reflection on not having proper training. When I was a child, my grandmother would often say, "God gave man tools and skills so that man could build strong structures."

The memory of my grandmother's saying was brought back to me on a Sunday morning at my new church, when I heard an announcement that the fall session of a leadership training program called "Timothy" was about to begin. This 12-week program prepares men and women to serve in whatever capacity the Lord leads them. Only 6 people would be chosen to participate. I submitted my application and was one of the people chosen. During the 12 weeks, we read 12 different books on leadership, prayer, spiritual warfare, and being an armor bearer. We had to write a paper on each book, attended classes with the senior pastor each week, and were allowed only two excused absences.

After completing the leadership program, I understood what being a leader for God was about and I was excited again to be on this journey with him. Finally, I realized that when God calls us to serve we must answer, "Yes, Lord, I will make myself ready and worthy by using the tools and skills that you have provided." Soon after the "Timothy" program, I began to serve on the hospitality team at church. I love being one of the first smiling faces people see as they come into the house of the Lord. In addition, I assumed a board position on the Christian homeschool group our family belongs to. I am eager and excited as I put my new training into practice.

August15, 2013 at 8:00 AM

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