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You Can’t Do That at My Church

How I found my voice and answered God’s call to preach

The best defense of this erroneous teaching is to study and have the spiritual discernment to rightly divide the Word of God.

But I always heard that a woman is to keep silent. Well, if she is to keep silent, then why can she teach Sunday school and testify? Silence means no talking, right? I asked these questions silently in my head; I was too chicken to ask them aloud.

Once while in college, I bravely declared the gospel at a youth service. Well, I shared this awesome experience with my pastor; I was grossly rebuked and muzzled. I sat there for the next 12 years, forbidden to preach, fearful of rejection, doing the "permitted," suffering in silence and disobedient to God. I tried repressing the call, but the conviction grew. God constantly asked this soul-gripping question: "When are you going to obey me?"

Painfully, I replied, "Lord, I can't do that."

Most Christians well never admit that we have often pledged more allegiance to the authority of man than God. I did. Regrettably, I traded the liberty of God for the chains of man.

A Way of Escape

I married a minister. We discussed the call of God on my life, but we vowed to submit to leadership. The mercy of God was ever present in my life. Despite my disobedience and fear, God prepared a way of escape through my husband.

My husband was appointed youth minister, and I assisted him. Unknown to us, God was preparing us to lead a congregation. After seven years as youth minister, God called my husband to the senior pastorate.

Three years into the pastorate, God began to convict both of us concerning his will for our lives and ministry. After a Jacob's-wrestling experience, God made it clear that it was time for me to walk in obedience. Sitting on the side of the bed, I replied, "God, I can't do that!" We were still connected to our home church.

When I came out of the bedroom, my husband, unaware of my conversation with God, spoke these words: "You know you must preach the gospel!"

The words of my husband delivered me. Eventually, we severed the ties to our home church. We were able to experience a freedom in Christ that is amazing. Finally, we could both walk in total obedience to his will.

As a result of fully obeying God, many women have come to find their purpose in God through By His Side Ministries, an outreach God has given me to ministry wives. God has also afforded me an opportunity to raise the foundations of future generations through teaching and mentoring young girls and women. What an awesome honor for God to deliver you from bondage and use it as a catalyst to set others free. I had a real woman-at-the-well experience.

February21, 2013 at 8:00 AM

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