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Have a Caleb Spirit

Sometimes following God means being a really bad politician

Caleb believed God would lead the Israelites to conquer the land because God had promised to do so. All the people knew God's promise. Caleb knew it in his inmost being. Not to curry favor, not to protect his position or even his life, would he turn aside from following the Lord.

He pleaded with the people to go that way too. He pleaded with them for their good. What they thought would destroy them would instead lead into abundant life. The direction they were choosing would take them over a cliff.

God himself shut down their return to Egypt, but he slammed the door to Canaan too. When he did, Caleb knew he also had to wait. His personal promise would be fulfilled when God brought the nation into the land. So Caleb the statesman wandered 40 years with a generation sentenced to purposelessness and death. But while the Israelites walked in circles, grumbling every step of the way, Caleb spent an agonizing 40-year delay living fully–and leading the next generation in his clan to follow God with their whole heart.

Joshua 14-15 tells the story of Caleb's victory. At age 85, still as strong as the day he left Egypt, he led his clan to do what few Israelites did. All the tribes entered and subdued Canaan, but Caleb's clan laid hold of their inheritance to the full.

In today's church culture, politics is a fact of life. But you, be blessed to have a different spirit. Be blessed to hear God clearly and follow him fully. Following him, seek what is best for all–even when people you're trying to help reject and attack you for it. Pressing in to follow, cultivate in others a spirit like Caleb had.

Regardless of which way anyone else is rowing, you be filled with pursuing God.

Deborah Brunt explores key truths for living life. She's the author of 1,500 published articles and eight books, including two e-books in the E-Blessings Series, The Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart and The Esther Blessing: Grace to Reign in Life. You can visit Deborah at her website and her blog.

June16, 2014 at 8:00 AM

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