'Light upon Light' Brings Meaning to Advent and Beyond

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What makes this prayer guide so worthwhile are the excellent readings Arthur provides. Each one fits perfectly with the Scripture passages she highlights, and each one helps us focus on what is truly important this Advent season and beyond.

So how can you use this if you are a church leader? It would be an excellent guide to recommend to your congregation or to go through together as a team. You will also find it invaluable to use as a devotional during numerous events during Advent. But most of all, it will quiet your heart and bring balm to your soul in the midst of a ridiculously busy time of the year.

JoHannah Reardon is involved with the communication team at her church, and she plans on using Light upon Light to share with her team. Find her family devotional, Proverbs for Kids, and her many novels at www.johannahreardon.com

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