Dare Mighty Things

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Dare Mighty Things

Dare Mighty Things
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Dare Mighty Things

The book:

Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women

By Halee Gray Scott

Published by Zondervan

Why I picked up this book:

Simply put, there is no other book on the market like it! Author and Ph.D. Halee Gray Scott has done her research and clearly presents her case with theological reflection, without defense, and through humbly sharing her story (both successes and failures) as well as the convictions and challenges of other Christian women who are leading.

Who Should Read Dare Mighty Things:

This book is for any Christian woman who currently is leading or feels called to lead. Most of the research is from the Christian nonprofit arena and would be of particular interest to that audience. However, the issues she raises are important for men and women, as men still hold key positions of leadership in the Christian community at large and can better serve as mentors and sponsors when they understand the perceptions and challenges that their sisters are up against.

What’s in Store for You:

Dr. Scott holds no punches when initially stating her conviction that “the church has failed Christian women because it has failed to cast a comprehensive vision of what God can accomplish in and through the life of a woman.” However, anyone who may be concerned as to whether she is advocating for the ordination of women, or if she is leading her readers to pick a side in the egalitarian and complementarian debate, can fear not. She follows her courageous introduction by disarming the great debaters. She gives an unbiased (however brief) presentation of both sides and then leads the way by revealing the points that they both have in common, namely: “1. Women can be leaders…2. The spiritual gifts are not gendered…3. All Christians, including women, have a responsibility to exercise and steward their giftedness…4. Communities of faith have a responsibility to ensure that women are able to exercise their giftedness in freedom.”

After uniting the readers, Halee asks and answers some basic questions like “What is leadership?” and “Why don’t women see themselves as leaders?” Then she reveals the truth and words of encouragement that all across the world, God is using women to accomplish his good work. She continues mapping the challenges and answering the questions “What is calling? Why are we called?” and centers in on the question that everyone wants to know, “What should I do with my life?”

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