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Create Your Church’s Vision Statement

It starts with a dream
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• Write the names of your current programs on the empty side of the white board. Compare what your programs offer with what the leaders’ pictures represent. Are there ways to implement what the leaders want into the programs? What new programs could you offer to help meet these needs?

The programs that emerge from your meeting are part of your mission. Every member of the group must have the opportunity to give input into what they want to see the group achieve. The church is the Christian’s compass to help navigate the future. The leaders provide the church’s eyes with the illumination it needs to forge ahead with God’s mission.

Michelle S. Lazurek is a pastor's wife, a mother, an author, and a speaker. She is a contributing writer for Movieguide, a community group leader for Incourage, and published in numerous places such as Charisma Magazine and Women’s Ministry.net’s Tip of the Week. Please visit her website at www.michellelazurek.com, find her on Facebook at Michelle S. Lazurek, or follow her on Twitter @mslazurek.

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