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How to Spot Rising Women Leaders

If we want to see more women leaders in the church, we need to look for them.
Articulates Vision

Being able to articulate vision is a mark of leadership. Church leaders in all areas of ministry must be able to answer the “why” questions: why the ministry exists, why it’s important, and why they do what they do.

Understanding the vision of the church is also important. Leaders understand and support their leaders—whether the ministry point person or the lead pastor. If a leader disagrees with a decision, she talks about it with the appropriate people behind closed doors while publicly supporting the church and leadership. She understands what it means to appropriately submit to authority.

We’ve seen Kara do this again and again. Recently, a new church member asked Kara why we don’t have women’s ministry in our church. Kara answered the question clearly and joyfully, articulating our lead pastor’s vision: real life change happens in the context of relationships, so we provide small groups that women can join rather than hold separate programming for women. With Kara’s clear explanation, the new member understood the “why” behind our decision not to have women’s ministry and how she could get involved.

Over the years, we’ve only seen Kara grow in her leadership. We’ve intentionally invested in her and guided her toward her next steps in leadership. But the first step was simply recognizing her potential.

If we want to see more women in leadership positions, we must take it upon ourselves to identify potential leaders in our churches. Watch for life-giving women who can listen well and articulate your church’s vision, and consider it a privilege to help them take their next step into leadership. Together we can develop more women to serve in the church, which in turn will reflect God more fully.

Julia Mateer is a writer, speaker, therapist, and director of women’s small groups at Bayside Community Church. You can connect with Julia on her website.

October08, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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