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I Grew Up with Two Women Pastors

Seeing two women lead our church gave me the freedom to pursue the gifts God had given me.

This freedom led me to be a youth pastor, divisional youth director, assisting minister, ordained preacher of God’s Word, and Christian education director at various stages of my life. Now I’m free to serve at a seminary after 20 years of full-time ministry on staff at churches. I’m free to share with other women and men contemplating ministry and leadership. Free to pray boldly, to teach, and to serve wholeheartedly in places that God designed for me. I understand that God not only chose me, but also qualified me for his work (Colossians 1:12). If he has qualified me, then I can trust him in the midst of this freedom.

Let’s Support Each Other

But freedom always comes with a price. There have been times that male leaders have been intimidated by my leadership and gifts. I find that typically these men are not secure in their own identity and calling. In their insecurity, they have questioned my calling and even removed me from ministry situations. Some of my best ministry colleagues, however, have been men who are secure in their God-given identity and calling. Some women have also judged me as a pastor and leader. Sometimes they’re insecure. Other times, there’s jealousy. Many times they feel unfulfilled in their calling or life journey.

When women are quick to judge and condemn, it stings. How can you possibly teach children in the church if you haven’t given birth to children?Why would you want to pursue a doctorate when the highest calling is having a home, to cook and bake for your husband? All I can say is not all women are called to bear children or to be the homemakers some have aspired to be. Instead of criticizing, we should be supporting one another in our individual callings. Yes, I am barren and will never give birth to a physical child, but I have given spiritual birth to many around me throughout the years. To solve the homemaking issue, God brought me a wonderful husband who knows how to cook and bake. Now that is answered prayer! God has called us to love each other, even if we’re on different journeys. When men and women are secure in Christ, we can create bonds of strength and work together for the kingdom. When we meet people who aren’t secure in their identity and calling, we are called to love them in the midst of their journey. When our own love is not enough, we ask for the compassion of Christ.

April25, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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