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When You Feel Like You Can Never Do Enough

How to follow a sacrificial Savior without losing yourself in ministry
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Lately, I’ve been aware that what God wants of me is a lot less service and a lot more pondering. He wants me to slow down enough to realize what it really means that I’m a sinner saved by grace. He wants my attention so I can spend my time doing what he made me to do, not whatever I think is going to make me so valuable to him that he can’t do without me. Most of all, he’s showing me that he’s the Savior, who especially wants to save me from myself.

JoHannah Reardon loves her church and ministry, but always wants to model what it means to more faithfully follow Christ. Find her family devotional, Proverbs for Kids, and her many novels at www.johannahreardon.com. Look for her upcoming book No More Fear, which will be out in the fall of 2016.

August08, 2016 at 9:00 AM

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