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When Calling Causes Conflict

Many women face opposition in their calling—whether overt, covert, or internal.

Marlena refused to be silenced by the lie that men are more qualified to speak. She not only leads healthy, dynamic groups within church settings, but also speaks to politicians and other power brokers on behalf of those who are typically marginalized.

As Deidre’s children have grown, she has more time to paint. She has seen her unique voice emerge, her confidence grow, and her sales increase: all confirmation that she is following God’s voice—not her own selfish desires.

If your calling is causing tension or conflict, it may be wise to pause, seek wise counsel, and set aside time to fast and pray. Once you have confirmed that your discernment is accurate, lift your eyes toward Jesus and push off hard from the starting blocks. Remember, our heavenly Father is the only one who has the right to define and call us. That reality should allow us to run the race that he sets before us with confidence, assurance, and joy.

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Dorothy Littell Greco is an author and writer living outside Boston. She is a regular contributor with Gifted for Leadership, CT Women and a member of Redbud Writers Guild. Her first book, Making Marriage Beautiful, will be released in January 2017.

October03, 2016 at 8:00 AM

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