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Imagining the Next Generation of Women in Leadership

A conversation between a lead pastor and her daughter

So how are you stepping into your calling and gifts?

I think I should stop saying that I know what I’m going to do! It changes every three months! I have a lot of things I’m really interested in and a lot of things that really matter to me and a lot of things that I could see myself doing. I’m trying to take every opportunity to be equipped for what’s ahead.

I find leading worship incredibly rewarding. When I’m on stage there’s a kind of vulnerability I have to show just by being in front of people. Since I’m already uncomfortable it’s easier to fall into that vulnerable worship state than when I’m safe in the dark in the congregation. I’m kind of testing out preaching through my youth ministry internship. I’m always surprised how much I actually like it. I hated the idea when the youth pastor asked me to do it. But I also really love the kids I’m teaching. And it helps that it’s really laid back and the kids just sit in a circle around me.

Why does the idea of preaching not appeal to you?

It’s too much pressure.

I feel that every Sunday. [laughing] When I was your age, I felt a lot of pain because there was conflict between what I felt called to do and what people told me the Bible said. So I’m so thankful that you don’t feel that pain, especially while trying just to figure out who you are and what life is. How do you respond when people with a different approach want to have a conversation on this issue?

I can’t take it personally. I just think people read the Bible differently from me and I have to commend them for being true to how they read the Bible. I have to choose not to believe that their reading of the Bible means they hate me or women in general. I don’t think I’m going to be able to convince anyone so I don’t make that my goal. I try to approach it with grace and explain why I think what I think. The only thing I can share that really makes people reconsider their opinion is sharing my experience of your leadership.

August10, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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