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Sabbath Is More than Rest

Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more.

Quiet Myself Enough to Listen and Be Refreshed

I also found it important to quiet myself, even in the midst of my hectic schedule. I learned to do this on Sundays, but trying to do it that one day also taught me more about doing it every day of the week. When I was at church, I learned to pray about my attitude as I tried to listen to the sermon and interact with others. I can be a cynical, skeptical person, so I began to put that aside and simply learn, asking God to help me see truth.

I also asked God to help me feel loved by him, rather than feeling like a guilty failure—my go-to attitude every time I am in church. When guilt―for no reason―would threaten to overwhelm, I began to look for ways God loves me. I would hear it in a passage of Scripture, a truth in a sermon, or a hug from a friend.

I’ve learned I may not be able to spend Sundays leisurely―and there is still a need for finding leisure time―but Sabbath can be found even in the midst of busyness. As I quiet my heart, I can focus on the only one who can truly give me rest (Heb. 4:1–16).

JoHannah Reardon loves Sabbath any way she can find it. Discover her devotional, No More Fear, and her family devotional, Proverbs for Kids, as well as her many novels at johannahreardon.com.

August21, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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