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8 Ways You're Appreciated

We asked male leaders why they're thankful for you.

Maina Mwaura, missions pastor at West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia

Professionals in their fields outside the church, the women leaders in our church bring their expertise in social work, counseling, and various forms of leadership, filling the ranks of our diaconate. Every significant ministry to the marginalized in our city is led by women. Some seminary trained and gifted teachers are among them. Experiencing their combination of power and humility is one way we most tangibly encounter Jesus Christ.

Sharad Yadav, elder of preaching and teaching at Bread&Wine in Portland, Oregon

I appreciate the women leaders at my church because I personally have learned so much about God and myself by listening to them and serving alongside them. I know that this sentiment is shared by the congregation at RISEN. The diversity that women bring through their experiences, perspectives, and talents has blessed and served our church greatly. Our women leaders embody passion with humility, servant leadership, and a strong commitment to our gospel vision and mission. The vision of RISEN church fails if it were not for the women that God has called to serve and lead it.

Martin Cachero, pastor of RISEN church, a new church plant in San Diego, California

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December19, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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