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9 Reasons to Be Thankful for Moms in Ministry

The awkward, embarrassing, and hilarious truth about balancing motherhood and ministry.

We sat across the table from one another, donor and director. He believed in the ministry I raised money for, and I valued his partnership with our organization. Unfortunately, my body did not value our business meeting in the same way. Nearing the end of our meal, I felt something warm on my chest. Had my coffee missed my mouth? Did my billowy shirt accidentally land in the plate of bacon and scrambled eggs? Horrified, I looked down to discover two large, circular, wet spots on my shirt. Apparently, I was extra good at producing milk for my newborn. So good, in fact, that cozy fabric breast shields weren’t going to do the trick for me. Unable to ignore the situation, I continued to stare at my chest, my face red with embarrassment. “Well, I guess I’d better get going!” I finally said, reaching for my purse. He handed me a check, and we walked out the door. Needless to say, we didn’t embrace in our usual side-hug as we left. But I did purchase a box of disposable breast shields on the way home, and was never interrupted by wet warmth again. —Red with Embarrassment

I had my daughter the first week of my second year in seminary. That semester was a blur between the baby spit-up, papers, and breastfeeding between classes. One Monday night I was in a three-hour class, and someone sitting around me smelled atrocious. It wasn't so overpowering that I wanted to get up and leave, but it kept wafting over. I glanced around at the all-male (except for me) class, wondering who it could be. About halfway through class I dropped my pen and leaned down. The terrible smell was now in my face. That's when I discovered the quarter-sized smear of baby poop on my jeans. I got up and washed it out as best I could in the bathroom sink, then returned to class hoping no one else knew I was the culprit. —Smelly in Seminary

Sitting on the front row of our church’s youth auditorium, I couldn’t wait for my son, a youth pastor at the church where I’m also a pastor, to step on the platform to preach to a crowd of teenagers. There was my baby, my son, the one I cried out to God to save, about to preach his heart out. I was one grateful and proud mama! He started in on his message, and I thought to myself, Wow, he’s an amazing communicator. He’s the best youth pastor on the planet! And then it happened. While I was busy thinking about how wonderful he was, he told a story I’d never heard before. He shared about the time when he and his high school buddies, who all worked together at a pet shop, snuck rats from the shop into Wal-Mart and released them in the women’s clothing department. While all the teens were hysterically laughing, I was trying to figure out a way to slide under my seat. Oh the joys of being in ministry with your son! —Hiding under the Pew

May11, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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