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9 Reasons to Be Thankful for Moms in Ministry

The awkward, embarrassing, and hilarious truth about balancing motherhood and ministry.

Ever since I've been a pastor-mama, I've often navigated pastoring with a little on my hip. I've written many sermons with a little on my lap, and I've led with a little in tow. When I was installed as the senior pastor at my current church, I was excited to set the tone as a mama and a pastor. At the end of the installation service, we had a banquet where I was able to meet many of the congregants. It was many delightful hours of standing, greeting, and meeting folks. My boys were fed lots of juice and cookies. Toward the end of the day, as I was talking to a gentleman in the congregation, my 4-year-old came and tugged on my pencil skirt. Like I often do, I didn't miss a beat and quietly picked him up, placing him on my hip while I listened to the man share his heartfelt story. As the man became more vulnerable in his storytelling, I guess my son wanted to jump in on the vulnerability. He slowly lifted his shirt over his head, pointed to his nipples, and said, "Look at these!" The man, mortified, slowly backed away, not knowing how to respond. Thankfully, the congregation is getting used to my boy's antics. —Oversharing in California

I was leading a call with my small-group ministry team when my daughter woke up and needed to nurse. I got her situated and was able to continue the meeting without incident—until my daughter looked up at me, tooted loudly, and then let out a loud sigh of satisfaction. I was the only one whose phone wasn't muted, so it was clear the noises came from my end. Because I hadn’t announced that I was with my daughter, though, it just sounded like I was making myself very comfortable on the call. —Not as Comfortable as I Sound

I was attending an all-day ministry conference at a local church when my daughter was 4-months-old. Because I was still breastfeeding, I’d brought my pump with, planning to find a private room or office during the lunch break. Unfortunately all of the rooms were taken, so I headed to a nearby shopping mall, hoping to find a family or nursing room. After walking around the mall frantically looking for a suitable place that also had an electrical outlet, I finally found a couch in the Macy’s restroom, where I got to greet everyone walking into the ladies’ room. Arriving at the next session a bit late, I tried to avoid explaining where I’d been. —Tied to an Electrical Outlet

May11, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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