Beat Imposter Syndrome

How to stand firm in who God says you are when you feel like a phony
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What can we do to beat the Imposter Syndrome when its voice begins to ring in our ears? At its core, the Imposter Syndrome finds success because we believe the lies regarding who we are and why we don’t belong. To address this problem, we must seek out the truth―the truth about who we are, whose we are, and who God created us to be.

Truth #1―Imposter Syndrome is a real problem.

Like anything else, we cannot begin to address a problem if we don’t admit one exists. For many who struggle with the Imposter Syndrome, it is easy to become convinced it’s not a problem or maybe it’s not that bad. If we are able to recognize this syndrome could be holding us back, then we can confront the lies and begin to discern what is true.

Truth # 2―We must discover our actual strengths and weaknesses.

To know what is true about who we are takes accurately assessing our strengths and weaknesses. Examine past experiences. When were you able to thrive? What held you back? As we can often be our own worst critic, don’t rely solely on your own impressions of yourself and events. Choose a few people you trust, and let them give you honest feedback. Once you realize what your strengths are, you will be able to live more fully in who you were made to be. Conversely, acknowledging your weaknesses can help you to decipher between a fact―I am not especially good at this particular thing―and a lie―I’m not good enough, and I don’t deserve to be on this team.

Truth # 3―We must remind ourselves what is true.

Discovering the truth about who we are will only get us so far. For many of us, the lies we have heard have been silencing the truth for a long time. It will take some healthy reminders―and time―to be able to readily call out a lie and, ultimately, believe what is true. Invite others to help you change the narrative you believe about yourself. Place written reminders in places you can see them often. Take time to journal some true thoughts at the end of the day. Write out what lies you are tempted to believe―then cross them out and write down what is true.

Truth # 4―Your identity is that of a daughter of the King.

The most important thing we can do to beat the Imposter Syndrome is to make it a matter of prayer. We must not downplay the fact that the Enemy is the biggest imposter and the Prince of Lies. There is a battle going on between the truth of our identity in Christ―as children of the Most High God―and the lies Satan wants us to believe about who we are. It would not be an overreaction to take this matter into a season of prayer and fasting. If we are going to begin to believe truth over lies, it can only happen with the power of God’s Spirit acting in our lives daily.

October19, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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