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My Mixed Feelings about Ordination

How could I know if ordination was the right step for me?

3. Will your home church consider ordaining you? Why or why not? Sometimes the answer is “no” because of your gender, but you should be open to other reasons as well. If it is solely because of your gender, you need to decide if this is something your home church might change in the future—and if you’re willing to stick around through that transition. If not, is there another church that will consider ordaining you?

4. What if ordination isn’t a possibility? If ordination is completely not possible for you, for whatever reason, what does this mean for you as a minister? If having the title “pastor” is not possible for you, for whatever reason, what does this mean for your ministry? Can you be content with a “Just call me __” mindset? This is where a good mentor comes in handy. Find people in your life who will bluntly challenge you, keeping your ego in check while at the same time encouraging you to fight the good fight God is leading you toward.

5. What if you’re not interested in ordination? If you feel others want you to be ordained, but you’re not sure, where does that leave you? Can you be comfortable with how God is leading you even if others want to push you in a different direction? Be wary of people who may have an agenda for you in ministry that is other than the gospel of Jesus. A lot of harm can be done in the name of the kingdom that is not of the kingdom.

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Dori Gorman is the co-founder and co-pastor of NewStory Church, a Stadia-partner church on the north side of Chicago, Illinois, and the author of Anonymous: Naming the God of Esther and the Women Who Plant Churches. She holds a BA from Baylor University, and a Masters of Divinity from Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan College. She is gifted as a shepherd-prophet, with a passion for preaching, discipleship, and coming alongside the forgotten.

February22, 2018 at 8:00 AM

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