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Getting Past the Lie of Rejection

Five steps you can take to get back on track.

Five Steps to Take

When you’re faced with feeling rejected, here are five steps you can take to focus on the truth of who God says you are rather than the lies of rejection.

1. Give your pain a name.

When someone hurts us, we often respond in anger or sadness. We try to cope in a number of ways like denying the event, blaming others, or retreating. I chose to lie curled up on the couch watching Netflix for hours to numb my thoughts. Healing comes, however, when we approach God with our pain. Personally, I had confront my emotions. I was not only mourning the loss of a job, but also struggling with my own insecurity. When I allowed myself to be honest with God, I was able to experience his mercy and his grace.

2. Stay connected in God’s Word.

In ministry, we often are so busy planning for others’ spiritual journeys that we neglect our own. Continue to prioritize your relationship with the Heavenly Father. In doing so, you guard your heart by knowing that his approval is what matters above all.

3. Develop relationships with other like-minded women.

When we are in relationship with others who are pursuing the same objectives, we can cheer on one another. Then, when rejection happens, there are people to help us over the hurdle. When I was at my most vulnerable, I had a group of friends in ministry with whom I was able to share my pain. They prayed with me and spoke truth into my life.

4. Cultivate an identity outside of ministry.

For a while, my identity was wrapped up in what I did at the church. I had no other hobbies or interests outside of my role. When I lost my job, I felt I had lost everything. It was through this loss that God reminded me of other talents he had given me. I had grown up playing the violin and now spend time practicing and teaching others the instrument that has brought me so much joy. Take time to build an identity outside of your ministry. When we do this, it safeguards us from making our ministry our idol as well as helps us reach others for the kingdom of God.

January09, 2018 at 11:04 AM

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