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Leadership Lifelines: Prayer, Fasting, and Flexibility

How discipline and commitment prove essential in your leadership ministry.

Fasting has made me more God-conscious in my leadership approach, decisions, and dispositions. I was called to lead by God, but the assignment only dictates what I should do, not how I connect to God through leadership. Regardless of the assignment, we all do our best to lead in a godly manner. Fasting increases our sensitivity to what God desires. Regularly, I designate a time of prayer and fasting to ensure I am leading how God desires me to lead. It is these times that help me to discern directional changes. There are times when we are faced with challenges with regard to the people we lead. When I sense I am agitated or irritated, those are indicators I need to talk to God about how to best lead. When decisions with people are pressing and prayer does not seem to give the necessary answers, I commit my mind and body to a fast conducive for the timing and situation. Before promotion, hiring, or termination of other leaders, I make it a matter of prayer always; when I am still not at peace about a decision, I fast.

Fasting, has given my leadership acumen a boost I can only describe as out of this world. There are times when I wonder how I can effectively do the things God has called me to do. The lifelines I have give me grace and life to do it; they have caused me to trust God, even in the scariest leadership situations.

Currently, I am facing an international leadership assignment that quite naturally scares the pants off me, but because I have prayed, fasted, asked others to pray, and sought counsel—and I am sure I am in God’s will—I trust where God is leading. And I am going afraid. I have learned that fasting helps bend me in the direction of God’s will that I would never have known except I humbled myself through fasting.

The lifeline of flexibility

Blessed are the flexible for they shall lead better and longer. At least, that’s been my experience. When speaking with mentors and those that have been leading many years, they all have told me in one way or another, “Learn to be flexible and don’t take yourself so seriously. The people belong to God and so do you—it’s always up to God.”

I rest in knowing God knew I was a mess when he called me, and I am grateful that God qualifies us as we walk. This helps with flexibility.

Flexibility means having the ability to bend easily without breaking, being easily modified, and possessing a willingness to change or compromise. For some leaders, the ability to be flexible can make or break one’s leadership. Inflexibility in leadership can be detrimental to you, the people you lead, your church, your business, and your organization. Why? You as leader are ever changing (or should be). As we mature as individuals and in God, change is inevitable. So, when we change, our leadership should change. Being open and able to change means you are indeed flexible.

July16, 2019 at 9:18 AM

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